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Applications are open for new enrolments for Preschool (childcare, 2 days per week) and school classes Kindergarten to Year 12. From 2021 we are also offering a new Little Kindy 3-day per week Kindergarten preparation program.

To commence the process toward enrolment, families are requested to submit an Application for Enrolment form, which is alternatively available in hardcopy from the school office.

  • Preschool 2021 (childcare): birth year 2017
  • Little Kindy 2021: birth year 2016
  • Kindergarten 2021: birth year 2015
  • Preschool 2020 (childcare): birth years 2015 & 2016
  • Kindergarten 2020: birth year 2014

Childcare Enrolments

Please note legislative requirements for enrolment in childcare:

From 1 January 2018, only children who are fully immunised for their age OR have a medical reason not to be immunised OR are on a catch-up schedule can be enrolled in childcare. Children who have not been immunised due to their parent’s vaccine conscientious objection cannot be enrolled in childcare.

NSW Health Childcare Brochure

Additionally, please note that under changes to the government Child Care Subsidy that come into effect in July 2018, families will be no longer be able to obtain child care benefits for our registered childcare and preschool services.

School Fees

School fee structure and payment forms for current students are available below.

2020 school fees
Payment options form
Direct debit request form


In providing information about Edstart, Lorien Novalis School does not provide and recommendations, brokering or advice services. Lorien does not receive referal fees, commissions or other remuneration from Edstart. Applications to Edstart are completely confidential and arrangements with Edstart are independent of Lorien Novalis School. You can find out more by visiting the Edstart website.

Edstart information flyer
Apply online for Edstart or call 1300 139 445