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We as a school see the need for students to develop themselves as creative individuals and for them to have a voice about their own learning and outcomes. This approach results in students being more connected to their learning, have more self motivation, sense less pressure, be more at ease with themselves, and garner an increased amount of satisfaction.

Junior School

Years 8, 9 and 10

Over the Junior School years we prepare students for the academic and social challenges of Senior High School. The Year 9 trip to central Australia is the culmination of this personal journey and designed as a rite of passage that both challenges and rewards.

Though the Steiner programme students develop the ability to be discerning and critical thinkers. Academic subjects offered include:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Human Studies & Its Environment (History & Geography)
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education
  • Creative Arts (Music & Visual Art)
  • Design and Technology
  • Languages
  • Drama
  • Dance
  • Eurythmy

Senior High School

Years 11 and 12

The primary focus of Lorien Novalis School is a holistic Rudolf Steiner Education that does not attract an ATAR score. However graduates of Lorien Novalis School can and do have alternative pathways to Australian Universities.

The central aim is to prepare students to step out into the world after school, imbued with self-knowledge, self-belief, and purpose to find their own path in life. Whether the student goes on to further study, enter the workplace or take a gap year, our goal is to help prepare the young adult to take hold of their own future of infinite possibilities.

Lorien Novalis has the flexibility to change or expand the range of senior subjects offered depending on student needs. At present, students study:

Year 11

  • HSC component:
  • Advanced English
  • General Mathematics
  • Philosophy
  • Marine Studies
  • Sport Lifestyle & Recreation
  • Vocational Education & Training

Lorien Novalis component:

  • Visual Art
  • Drama
  • Eurythmy

Year 12

HSC component:

  • Advanced English
  • Mathematics General 2
  • Philosophy
  • Portfolio & Presentation
  • Vocational Education & Training

Lorien Novalis component:

  • Visual Art
  • Drama
  • Eurythmy
  • Major Works Project

Class Trips

The Lorien Class Trip is an integral aspect of the overall curriculum. While in the High School many trips have strong subject links to History, Geography, Marine Science etc, they also allow the students to experience other pursuits and activities such as camping, rafting, sailing, scuba diving, skiing, and bushwalking, all building confidence, self-esteem and resilience.

Of all activities at Lorien Novalis, one of the most memorable is the Class Trip.  While so enjoyable and satisfying to the individual, you will often hear it referred to as a “holiday”, however, this is far from the truth. The deep growth of the human spirit, through the Class Trip experience is immeasurable and sometimes only blossoms later in life, through inner resilience, strength of character and practical capabilities.

Learning outside of the classroom, is of a different significance and the response of the individual to the experiences is deeply rewarding. The Class Trip offers students an opportunity to build relationships, develop their own skills, build resilience and self-esteem, care for others, exercise restraint and compassion, respond to difficult situations and to endure physical challenges.

Class Trips are very distinctly a ‘rite of passage’, an opportunity for a child/student to get out of their comfort zone and experience life at a close and personal level, while sharing experiences with others under the careful guidance of their Class Teachers or Guardians.

Class trips begin in Class One, usually with an overnight stay somewhere in the local area ~ Newnes, the Central Coast or Hawkesbury Valley. In the early years the trips are generally quite short, but by year seven a three-week trip is not uncommon.

In Class 12, the students are encouraged to participate in the planning and organization of their trip, where they can be tasked with research into local rules and regulations, local attractions and customs. Their journey in Europe may be a culmination of many years of study in French, Italian and German languages as well as History, Geography, Renaissance Art and much more.

Many schools go on excursions today, but few equal the atmosphere and focus achieved at Lorien Novalis.

Lorien Novalis Class Trips may include:

  • Class One – The Hawkesbury, Newnes Forest, Jenolan Caves
  • Class Two – The Sydney Basin
  • Class Three – Goulburn Yurt Farm, Dungog Bio-Dynamic Farm, Port Stephens
  • Class Four – Dubbo Zoo, Mt Warning, Mungo Brush
  • Class Five – Skiing- Perisher Valley
  • Class Six – Geology trip through NSW, North West Island
  • Class Seven – New Zealand, Tasmania, Japan
  • Class Eight – Seal Rocks – Surfing, Bungonia – Caving
  • Class Nine – Central Australia
  • Class Ten – Sailing (east coast)

Class Eleven – Vanuatu, East Coast Scuba Diving

Class Twelve – Europe, South East Asia, China, Tibet. All of these trips are specifically designed by the class teacher and College of Teachers to support the academic work done in the classroom as well as the social emotional development of the individual child/student.

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