lorien-rings-green Kindy Prep and Kindergarten

Little Kindy Prep

For children turning 5

The Little Kindy Prep class provides the fundamental elements of the Kindergarten curriculum, appropriate for this younger age group in a three-day per week program.

The children develop skills to meet their developmental stages, through play-based and content rich learning experiences where they partake in inventive play and engagement in the natural environment.  Using hand-made toys and quality materials, children make and create, which supports their gross and fine motor skills and their evolving will for engagement in their surroundings and in all that they do.  

Bringing knowledge of the world through story and artistic activities ignites the young child’s imagination which develops the capacity in later years for creative and concise thinking. 

The routine of the day lives within a healthy rhythm appropriate for this age group, with a balance between both active and quieter learning activities, all with each child’s unique nature embraced and supported.


For children turning 6

Kindergarten provides a nurturing space that gently guides children into their full-time schooling.

We aim to enliven and individualise the child’s experience by weaving truths with imagination. Everything is taught through play, imitation and imagination. Children experience painting, drawing, modelling, play-acting, puppetry, singing, stories, poems, games, handicrafts, cooking, gardening and free play.

These years of intelligent, creative activity give rise in adulthood to an active, creative intelligence.

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