lorien-rings-green Primary School


The structure of primary school lessons deliver on two important requirements. Firstly that play periods are substantial, and secondly they are of sufficient duration to cover learning outcomes. Starting at 9am and ending at 3:15pm, days comprise of 3 lesson periods separated by a morning snack and play session as well as an hour lunch and play time.

The transformation from primary pupil to high school student is a dramatic one and usually occurs between ages 13 and 14. The end of class 7 signifies the end of primary education at Lorien Novalis and the end of a 7 year relationship between student and their class teacher.

Main Lesson

A morning 2 hour lesson begins the day. Students’ class teacher will guide them through academic subjects such as maths, science, english, and social science. These topics are covered by way of practical, 3-week long projects that incorporate music, drawing, Eurythmy, story telling and painting.

Middle Lesson

Where main lessons are concerned with the more academic subjects, middle lessons take on a less formal approach. Art, humanities, and subjects that lead children towards developing an awareness and connection to their environment are the focus.

Block Lesson

After lunch, the school grounds are dotted with groups of children engaged in a variety of practical activities such as gardening, sport, leather work, knitting, building and other practical arts and crafts. Like the main lesson, block lessons are taught via 3-week practical projects run by either the class teacher or another who has a particular skill. Quite often main and block lessons are linked thematically, allowing the academic and artistic to complement each other. eg Egyptian mythology for the main lesson and paper making in the block lesson.

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