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Our Vision

Our highest endeavour must be to develop free human beings who are able of themselves to impart purpose and direction to their lives.

Rudolf Steiner

Our vision is to uncover, inspire and develop the spirit of the child.

Our vision is to motivate academic excellence, enriching and strengthening each child’s potential to become a knowledgeable, reflective, resilient and compassionate citizen of the world.

Our vision is to foster creativity and imagination, allowing each child to flourish, developing confidence of self and their place in the world.

Alongside Steiner schools worldwide, we graduate lifelong learners who give meaning and purpose to their lives and communities.

Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) was a Doctor of Philosophy, whose breadth of work included advancements in philosophy, architecture, science, biodynamic farming, medicine, the arts and education. The first Steiner (Waldorf) school was established in 1919, and today the expansion of Steiner Education is one of the largest non-denominational school movements in the world with over 2000 schools in 60 countries.

Steiner education is known for providing a sound and practical basis for working with children, enabling them to find their creativity and to become free individuals who can think for themselves, make their own judgements and find their own purpose and direction in life.

The approach to education is based on Steiner’s educational insights, specifically those that relate to child development. These form one aspect of what Steiner called ‘anthroposophy’, literally, ‘human wisdom’ or ‘knowledge of the human being’.
Drawing on Steiner education pedagogy, Lorien Novalis School offers students a balance of the academic with the artistic, and the practical with the humanitarian. With a focus on valuing the individuality of each person, the early years aim to nurture the creative mind and the latter years focus on maturing the discerning mind. We strive to enable each student to develop their full potential so they can go out into the world with confidence and self-motivation as well-rounded individuals.

Much has been written on Steiner, or Waldorf, Education. If you are interested in learning more about the topic, we highly recommend the following resources:

Class Trips

Class trips are an important aspect of the overall programme at Lorien Novalis. They are a time where close connections are made, not only among classmates, but between teacher and student as well. They provide opportunities for teachers to observe and learn about students, observations which serve as valuable insights into an individual’s strengths, personality, and learning style.

Class trips begin in Class 1, usually with an overnight stay somewhere in the local area—Newnes, the Central Coast or Hawkesbury Valley. In the early years the trips are generally quite short, but by year seven a three week trip is not uncommon.

Learn more about High School class trips.

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