lorien-rings-orange CELEBRATING 50 Years of Educational Renewal

Lorien Novalis School

This year Lorien Novalis School for Rudolf Steiner Education is celebrating 50 years of providing quality education to students in the Hills District. The school was established on September 13 1971 in a house in Pymble. In 1973 the School moved to Old Northern Road near Round Corner. Over the years neighbouring properties have been acquired, extending the School’s beautiful grounds to 16 acres.

Lorien Novalis was founded by Steiner teachers who were seeking to forge a new way in education, a method that adopted a deep understanding of human development and the environment. This place conscious, innovative approach to learning is now recognised as a methodology that includes place as a silent teacher. It is this sensitivity to the environment that parents experience when enrolling at Lorien Novalis.
Often in response to their first impressions, some refer to the atmosphere to the school grounds as ‘a positive energy’, ‘a buzz’, ‘beautiful vibe’ and much more.

While creating an aesthetic environment, the teachers were also aware of the need to nourish the children’s inner landscape, stimulating their imagination through the agency of the arts. It has become part of Lorien’s teaching practice to draw images for stories and lesson content from the local environment. Hundreds of original stories, songs and plays have been and are continuing to be written and performed, engaging children directly to their learning, with a deep connection to place.