lorien-rings-orange Class 8 students entering the world of ancient Greek Tragedy.

Class 8 at Lorien Novalis School explore the fascinating world of ancient Greek Tragedy. Far from being tragic, this English Main Lesson is packed with etymology, literature, philosophy, drama, history. Another example of our cross-curriculum education at Lorien Novalis School. Our 2 hour main lesson across a three week cycle allow students to immerse themselves deeply into subject content.

Lorien students studied two of Sophocles’ plays, Oedipus the King and Antigone. They learn how the birth of Western theatre reflected ancient Greek society and why Greek Tragedy continues to be relevant today. The history behind many words we use today is also an interesting part of our studies. The class make their own theatre mask moulds from clay, displaying a range of emotions. 

On the final day of the Main Lesson cycle at Lorien, students present their own tragedies at our mini theatre festival, followed by a celebratory feast, just like the ancient Greeks whose worship of Dionysis was an integral part of the theatre festivals and competitions.