lorien-rings-orange Class Trips at Lorien Novalis School

The idea of Excursions, Outdoor Education Programmes and School Trips is to give students a real living experience of the things that they may be studying in the classroom. This is a very valuable part of a child’s education and has had proven positive outcomes. Most schools, mainstream and private, recognise the value of these excursions and trips.

The Lorien Class Trip has a larger and perhaps deeper background and purpose. While all of the above reasons for an excursion or school trip are extremely valuable, they are specifically focused on an outer experience of the world. Our Lorien Class Trip experience is developed with this outer experience of the world, but also an inner experience of development for the individual as a resilient and respectful participant in life.

The development of the inner capacities of compassion, caring, respectfulness, inclusion, supportiveness for nature and others as well as themselves, is a vital consideration in the planning of the trips, as well as the educational outer considerations such as geography, mineralogy, biology, history and so on.

The Class Trip becomes a ‘Rite of Passage’, and this element of the human psyche is one of the most significant reasons for our trips. This may be reflected for example in a student sitting quietly under a Pandanus Palm on Northwest Island quietly contemplating the sunset, and then transforming the inner experience into a poem or song.

Making the liminal space on every trip for the children/student to reflect inwardly, or in total reverence to open themselves to an experience, has a profound impact on them which may be revealed immediately, or much later in life.

This brings us to the point of how we develop the trip to fit the needs of the students, and as above we can determine the two critical elements:
1. The Outer experience – Geography, history, biology (Curricula)
2. The Inner experience – Time, space, liminal space soul experience (Rite of Passage)

The Outer Experience is the one that usually drives teacher’s initial planning of trips and as the trip unfolds the ‘inner experience’ opportunities arise. Lorien has a long history of very successful Class Trips and graduate students will often measure their Lorien journey by the class trips they have done.