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Our new Little Kindy Prep class is being offered as a three-day week, Monday to Wednesday, for children who are four, turning five in 2021. This preparation class guides the children to progress to full time school in Kindergarten in the following year, when they will turn six.

The Little Kindy Prep class provides the fundamental elements of the Kindergarten curriculum, appropriate for this younger age group.

The children develop skills to meet their developmental stages, through play-based and content rich learning experiences where they partake in inventive play and engagement in the natural environment.  

Using hand-made toys and quality materials, children make and create, which supports their gross and fine motor skills and their evolving will for engagement in their surroundings and in all that they do.  

Bringing knowledge of the world through story and artistic activities ignites the young child’s imagination which develops the capacity in later years for creative and concise thinking.

Through the natural and harmonious unrushed flow of the day the young child has the opportunity to form relationships and develop life-long social skills with their peers and teachers, and to grow with confidence into the ever-changing world.

The routine of the day lives within a healthy rhythm appropriate for the five-year old, with a balance between both active and quieter learning activities, all with each child’s unique nature embraced and supported by loving and dedicated qualified teachers.

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Little Kindy Prep is a new 3 day-per week early Kindergarten program.

Days: Monday to Wednesday

Time: 9.00am to 2.50pm in school terms.

Applications are welcome via the school website Enrolments page
or please contact us for more information.