Dances with Cello – Saturday May 15th

Dances with Cell – Saturday May 15th

A recital for Cello & Piano and Cello Duet. Featuring works by Bach, Prokofiev, Tchaikovsy and moreā€¦.

Date: Saturday May 15th
Time: 7pm – 9:30pm

Class Trips at Lorien Novalis School

The idea of Excursions, Outdoor Education Programmes and School Trips is to give students a real living experience of the things that they may be studying in the classroom

2019 Youth Conference Performance

The Australian Youth Conference was a major event at Samford Steiner School in September focussing on social renewal as its theme.

Bush Playgroup for 2021

Bush Playgroup at Lorien Novalis is an initiative for children aged 3-5 and their carer…

Class 12 Trip to Vietnam

Class 12 have returned from their final class trip as part of their Lorien journey, a two-week odyssey through wonderful Vietnam.